#SWYS19 Speaker Alert - Meet Kamal Cudjoe!

Kamal Cudjoe promo.png

#SWYS19 Speaker Alert - Meet Kamal Cudjoe! He is a fitness entrepreneur in the South Florida area. He owns 3 gyms, a smoothie shop and a buzzing online influencer profile (@tailoredfitness12). On a daily basis, he helps, motivates and influences more than 150 women to live healthier and happier lives. Communicating the importance of health to others is not as simple as it sounds. He believe that it is important to create examples, pull from personal experiences and be relative to your audience.

His professional goals align with BGR! as he has committed the last 7 years of his life helping solve health and fitness problems for over 2100 unique women of carribean-American & African-American descent. He believes he has a unique ability to make health and fitness very simple to understand. Register for #SWYS19, September 19-21, 2019 in Charlotte and sign up for Kamal's class called the "5 minute getaway"! A workshop designed to disprove the most popular reason for not living a healthy lifestyle - “I don’t have time”. He will show 5 Minute hacks for exercise, nutrition & staying motivated during their fitness journey.